Experimental action of a Training-Research

concerning difficulties in class management

 (D. Tsakiri)



Coordinator of the international Project and Scientific Head of project in Greece: Dr Despina Tsakiri

Assistant, co-operator: Eleni Vandaraki (teacher, detached at   Education Research Centre).

The action is financed by the programme Socrates in the context of Comenius 2.1, co-ordinated by the Education Research Centre and the collaboration of Université de Paris 8 (France) και Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan (Italy). Implementation timetable: from 10/2001 until10/2004.

The suggested action of the Training-Research aims at illustrating the representations and the mechanisms (subjective and social) and explores how malaise occurs in the course of teaching and class management.

The aims of the Training-Research are:

  • Improvement of teacher performance through a training approach that focuses on the «psychosocial» aspect of their practices in class management.
  • Production of knowledge regarding the efficiency of the psychosocial approach in every day school life
  • Creation of a human resource network that will multiply the training action in the following years.

The current project is an original and complex endeavour at an anthropological approach of the educational practice that combines improvement of performance with production of knowledge.

Exchange of experiences from implementation and results of this training in 3 European countries (Greece, France, Italy) will simultaneously allow us to clarify different cultural   characteristics that form the relation of teachers with their profession in each country. We shall also clarify the traversal dimensions of representations and individual and social positions in relation to the strides accomplished by our contemporary societies.  

Meeting March 12-13, 2004



The 'team experience'